Cold Water Extraction

When water damage strikes, whether its a leaking pipe, slab leak or a fire sprinkler that went off accidentally, swift and proper measures must be taken by professionals.

Our team specializes in cold water extraction and we will remove all standing water from your location for a secure and definitive restoration process. Think of Anaheim Water Damage as your number one partner when finding yourself affected by water issues.

First, we will make sure that all water is disposed from the site. To prevent the damage from spreading and affecting additional areas, it is better to call our experts as soon as you spot the water damage. If water is extracted rapidly, most of your property and possessions can be recovered and any further damage will be reduced considerably.

Second, we will identify all the damaged areas and assess the total loss and begin the cold water extraction procedure using our special industrial and manual equipment. We aim to detect the “hidden” water from beneath the floors or between the walls and under wet drywall. We bring in our submersible pumps to pump the high-level water while we extract water from the carpets with our various sized industrial wands. For maximum precision, we end our process using the manual water claws for a complete extraction of water from pads and carpets.

Third, we make sure all the water is removed completely using an infrared camera to spot hidden moisture pockets. Otherwise, we risk allowing mold to form and other serious health hazards to arise. Because time is an important factor in such conditions,


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