Fire Sprinkler Damage

Fire sprinklers can save lives or destroy property. If you’re suffering from one of the following issues contact Anaheim Water Damage for fire sprinkler damage restoration today.

Common Issues:

  • Overheating
  • Corrosion
  • Mechanical damage
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Installation flaw

When we arrive, we will assess the damage immediately. Doing  a full inspection of the affected area and surrounding areas will help to identify the issue clearly so we can quickly restore your home or business’s damage. Using an infrared camera we will locate hidden water pockets in your floors, ceiling and drywall to avoid future mold growth.

We will:

  1. Identify the fire sprinkler that went off.
  2. Begin removing any debris, personal items caught in the damage and moved to off site storage
  3. Use cold water extraction to remove standing water from the premise quickly
  4. Do a second inspection for hidden water spots
  5. Being injectidry system to efficiently air out the affected areas
  6. Perform third inspection for missed water spots to ensure no future mold growth occurs

A fire sprinkler that bursts accidentally can easily damage not just your own property, but others, too. We restore multi-level buildings such as apartment complexes, corporate offices, restaurants, retail shops and industrial buildings. Water damage can remain hidden beneath the floors, in ceiling panels and damage company assets. Even worse, if not attended to in time, water can cause mold growth that could bring serious illnesses to people in the area.

Repair. Restore. 24/7

We are here to limit your loss before it expands. Let Anaheim Water Damage repair and restore your property in order to bring it back to its original condition. We are the most recommended water damage restoration company in Anaheim, California due to our business approach and reliable services. From our fire sprinkler damage service, cold water extraction, drying procedures and the final deodorization process, we provide all the necessary services that your location needs to be as good as new after a water disaster. Contact Us at

Call (714)-805-6211 immediately if you face fire sprinkler damage